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  • Alina Neacsa

Wabara Aoi- A Rose That Flutters in the Wind

Updated: May 9, 2023

Wabara Aoi is a great choice for romantic, colorful bouquets

“I’ve always wanted to make roses that flutter in the wind”- Japanese Wabara roses creator, Keiji Kunieda so beautifully describes his roses. Brides these days are so demanding, and a regular shaped rose with no scent is no longer interesting and fitting in this big world of newly released flowers.

The Beautiful Dusty, Pink-Lavender Wabara Aoi Rose

With an impressive 45 years history of working with roses, in 2006 Keiji Kunieda started a series of flower-like roses named “Wabara”, which reflects Japanese culture and aesthetics. The name Wabara comes from the Japanese words ‘Wa,’ which translates into English as ‘Harmony,’ and ‘Bara,’ which means ‘Rose.’

Roses Bred to Perfection

When you think about Japan, the first thing that should come to your mind is: perfection! “We are continuing breeding with the aim of creating more beautiful roses that we have not yet seen”- they say! I say that what they already created is perfectly enough to stand out and to be used in perfectly balanced bridal bouquets or wedding designs.

A Lucky Florist

I declare myself a lucky florist, I only work with the best flowers in the world and I get the chance to showcase them worldwide through my articles and designs. With its beautiful dusty, dark pink-lavender coloring and packed blooms, Wabara Aoi is a great choice for romantic, colorful bouquets.

The bridal bouquet is that massive floral jewelry that will stand out and make a statement. Dare to be different and trust that a spectacular flower will make you feel special and unique on your big day. Wabara roses are available worldwide so please ask your florist for more details about them.

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