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  • Alina Neacsa

Dedicated to Showcasing the Most Amazing Flowers in the World

I was fantasizing of a forest covered in red flowering beauty when I saw the red flowers of the Lily Original Love.

Red roses have always been my favorite color since they make me feel passionate. This time, the Lily Original Love came along with me on this amazing floral adventure, and this is what I can tell you about it.

The History of the Lily in Society

According to Greek mythology, Hera, the wife of Zeus, gave birth to the flower known as the lily, which is said to have grown from her breast milk. According to Roman mythology, the goddess of beauty Venus was so envious of the flower's white splendor that she allegedly made a giant pistil sprout from its heart.

The first representation of a lily occurred in Crete circa 1580 BC, and the lily blossom was revered by the Minoans. The lily flower is one of the most well-liked flowering plants in the horticultural industry because of its exquisite bloom. But there is much more to this gorgeous flower than meets the eye. Because of its brilliance and radiance, it has deep symbolism in many civilizations.

The Meaning of the Lily Flower

The Old and New Testaments both make reference to the flower. In Christianity, the lily came to represent chastity and innocence and was linked to the Virgin Mary. It also served as a metaphor for death, representing both the sacrifice of saints and the loss of innocent children.

Color Interpretation

  • White represents virtue and purity.

  • Red represents a passion.

  • Pink represents richness and success.

  • Yellow represents gratitude and a desire for fun.

  • Orange represents self-assurance, pride, and wealth.

My Choice

Because of its significance, I decided on a red lily for my site. Red is a symbol of passion, and the 2023 Floral Trend Color for Thursd is "Passion Red". The ability of the lily flower to survive after being clipped is one of its unique qualities. They are frequently used in floral arrangements including bouquets, vases, and garlands because of this.

I chose Lily Original Love from the Bredefleur collection of lilies. The beauty, color, and fragility of the lilies prompted me to create an original picture session that expressed the times we are living in.

The story is told via the utilization of a very special site and the force of contrast: a burned-out old house that represents hard times and the lovely flowers that always manage to flourish and provide beauty to the world even in the most trying circumstances. Flowers are robust in a way that allows nature to prosper even though they are thought of as being weak.

Original Love of Lily

The Lily Original Love is one of Bredefleur's most well-known lilies. The striking warm red hue of this large, robust blossom symbolizes desire.

Only found at Bredefleur, the Original Love type has a long vase life. The flowers (as you can see from my photos) look fantastic just the way they are; they can elegantly fill out a vase and look just the way they are.

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