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The Red Carpet Gala Dinner at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco decorated with white flowers

Here is an example of a white floral décor from the upscale Congress of Economic Diplomacy

At this year's high-end congress of Economic Diplomacy, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious, elegant, and private events in Monaco, the sight of white flowers captured the attention of all the affluent visitors. The flower designer in charge of setting up the venue, Alina Neacsa, explains us all about her journey. To enter the opulent heaven of flowers, keep scrolling!

The Hotel de Paris in Monaco with white flowers as decoration

One of, if not the most beautiful table decorations ever seen at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco combines elegance, wealth, refinement, and white delicate flowers. Some of you might be asking why this happened. celebrating at the exclusive Congress of Economic Diplomacy's Red Carpet Gala Dinner. You can now see the enormous importance that the flowers performed in this elegant yet formal occasion.

"I like to surprise my clients not only with a fresh and delicate design but also with scented flowers"

- Alina Neacsa

High-end Economic Diplomacy Congress

The event this year was held on May 17 at One Monte Carlo in Monaco. After the event itself, there was a media cocktail, then the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry sponsored the renowned Red Carpet Gala Dinner at Salle Empire, Hotel de Paris.

The event attracted significant attendees from all around the world, including respectable and well-known personalities in the economic sector. Following each other, officials from the French government, members of the diplomatic corps, well-known businesspeople, and investors were spotted admiring the beauty. The United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Romania, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the UK, and Australia were among the nations represented at the prestigious Economic Diplomacy congress.

The White Flower Adornments Were Created by Monaco

This is Alina Neacsa's second time decorating the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry with flowers, and she has this time used white, angelic-looking like blooms to create a masterpiece for the table decorations.

The exclusivity of the occasion required Alina Neacsa of Flori cu Fitze to match her flower selections to it, and it is clear from the photos that she did so because they perfectly capture the ambiance that was desired for the High-End Congress of Economic Diplomacy event.

White, scented, and charming: the flower code!

All of the white flowers used to decorate the Red Carpet Gala Dinner gave an imaginary and enchanted appearance that was somehow connected to the Salle Empire's architectural style. White peonies matched the walls of the venue's white goddesses, and Vanda roots and orchids matched the veins of the marble pillars. The site was also adorned with garden roses, and Lathyrus, the most delicate and fragrant flower, completed the delicate design.

Flower Vendors

The stunning hotel was decorated with lovely white peonies from My Peony Society and wonderful scented White O'Hara garden roses from Parfum Flower Company (specially sourced from Alexandra Farms). The fragrant white Lathyrus and Lathyrus blooms from Don't forget how Alina decorated the celebration with stunning and rare Vanda orchids from Ansu Vanda.

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