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  • Alina Neacsa

The Ever Pink Rose Won't Fail You

Robust stems, large flower heads, and a gorgeous color. But the Ever Pink rose's vase life particularly astounded me.

These enormous, vibrant roses are gorgeous! I used Ever Pink flowers for the first time last week. The term "Ever Pink" conjures up images of a soft, powder pink in my mind, despite the fact that the color is fuchsia and very vibrant. I've used De Ruiter Innovations roses four times already, and they never fail to impress.

Astounding the Ever Pink Rose

This time, I had the privilege to introduce my 20 florist students to the new Rose Ever Pink over a weekend seminar. Everyone was able to make a sizable bouquet with just 9 stems, which suggests that (if you run a flower shop) picking the proper flower might be quite cost-effective.

Its Vase Life astounded me

Ever Pink astounded me with its vase life with to its large head, fantastic color, and sturdy, enormous stems. I'll sum it up for you: They still look great after 2 days since farm cutting, a 1-day flight, 2 days on the truck that was delivered to me (and all of this in a box without water), 2 days in the cold room to hydrate, 2 days in room temperature (during my weekend class), and another 4 days in the cold room before my first photo shoot. What more could you want when we're talking about at least 14 days without any issues?

You Can Count On These Roses

I just want to express that De Ruiter products have never failed me. I therefore made the decision to go above and beyond what I would typically do in an effort to utilize the Ever Pink rose to its fullest.

Do you know that to test a car's strength, a wall is used to crush it against to see how it responds? I did the same thing, but because it wouldn't be sensible to smash these roses against a wall, I instead utilized them for a picture session in unfavorable lighting and without any water.

Affection for the Ever Pink Rose

Naturally, it passed the test, and now we can see some lovely images honoring the Ever Pink rose in all its splendor. However, I didn't end there. I utilized the Ever Pink roses once more in another photo shoot two days following that one. This time, it's a fantastic clothing maker from Romania. I offered a bouquet of lovely Ever Pink roses to everyone after the models and crew fell in love with them.

Always Pink and Special Days

Nothing in this world can make someone smile more quickly than a lovely flower. It's my responsibility to produce beauty and make the most use of the flowers, but it's also my responsibility to test them and understand exactly what to anticipate. It's simpler to select the appropriate products for each installation or layout when you are familiar with your product.

Since pink roses are getting more and more famous for the occasion and red roses have become astronomically expensive these days, Ever Pink is also a fantastic option for special occasions like Valentine's Day.

I suggest pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying to discover one of nature's most wonderful creations: flowers. You won't be let down.

Showcasing , the most incredible flowers in the world, Superflower Blondie!

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