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  • Alina Neacsa

Snowstorm+ Roses as the Design's Hero

Showing off the splendor of a single rose

I've seen a lot of roses in my career as a florist, and if there is one color that stands out, it's white. According to statistics, white roses are preferred for practically all occasions. For clients, it's a good idea to always have some white varieties on hand, and Snowstorm+ roses offer all the necessary characteristics to be one of them.

A Beautifully Flexible

Roses in a snowstorm+ are a fantastic option for any occasion or event. A white, multipurpose beauty like this one is ideal for every occasion—weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, you name it. A strong type that lasts a very long time and is incredibly simple to store is called Snowstorm+. I always have a supply of white roses in my refrigerator, and this dependable kind is a perfect complement.

Leaving the Roses to Bloom

Unless I really have to a special request from a customer, I rarely combine multiple rose varietals in a single arrangement. It's a matter of taste. In my works, I try to make flowers the "hero." When it's just me, I like to highlight the beauty of a single rose and make it the focal point of my arrangement. In fact, I did just that using Snowstorm+.

Roses and a Snowstorm in My Design

As you can see, the main hero of this design is Snowstorm+. The foliage and filler flowers I used to round out the arrangement lift the roses up without overpowering them.

With this design, I wanted to show the pure and delicate side of the rose, therefore I used an airy composition that nearly gives the impression that the design is flying. It's the ideal bouquet to brighten someone's day completely.

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