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All the Bubbles Spray Roses

There is Bubbles that is ideal for any florist.

Everyone loves roses, right? My God, I adore working with high-quality roses, and if a peony or rose in the shape of a garden can be added as a bonus, I'm all for it! As a florist, I require high-quality flowers that attract clients to my business and stand out. Things are even more difficult for me as a flower wedding designer since I have to combine creativity with quality.

Florists Need Premium Flowers

I dislike giving my designs a lot of flowers or other textures. I typically use one sturdy bloom and place it in the center of focus to keep them simple yet intricate. The Three Musketeers are a wonderful example of powerful focal flowers and a pleasure to work with. They were developed by De Ruiter, a company with international renown in the field of breeding and propagation of all types of roses.

Bubbles that are misty, delicious and lovely

Misty Bubbles has a fantastic peony form and is remarkably robust for a spray rose. It also shines thanks to its numerous large heads and lovely purple metallic tint. The several large inflorescences that may be seen on a single stem (each measuring 7-8 cm in diameter) make this spray rose a need for a flower store. A bouquet of beautiful spray roses appears outstanding and delicate at the same time because of the beauty of the branches. The Bubbles spray roses are offered in lengths of 60 to 80 cm and have an excellent vase life of 8 to 10 days.

Bubbles is a stunning, robust spray rose that I typically use in flower arrangements, but not today. I decided to design a unique antique luxury rose garden today that might spice up a wedding. So my choice of spray roses—Misty Bubbles, Sweet Bubbles, and Romantic Bubbles—helped me create this vibrant space.

Spray rose called Romantic Bubbles is exquisite. It makes a beautiful spray rose for a bridal arrangement. This variety's peachy salmon tint makes it excellent for summery light designs.

De Ruiter's Assortment of Bubbles

Looking further into De Ruiter's selection of Bubbles spray roses, there are over 40 different variations with various forms and colors, so every florist can undoubtedly find the ideal Bubbles. All of the Bubbles collection roses I've examined thus far feature sturdy stems, sizable inflorescences, a long vase life (8–12 days), no perfume, mild thorns (Misty, Romantic, and Sweet), and stem lengths of 60–80 cm. I'm eager to explore new selections, but in the meanwhile, I'm asking you to visit my opulent, classic urban garden, which you can see in the video down below.

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