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  • Alina Neacsa

Florists from 26 countries, including Romania, united and launched the #lovenotwar campaign

The largest anti-war protest of florists around the world: the #LoveNotWar campaign also reaches Romania and will be marked by a 3-meter high arrangement. More than 3,250 flowers out of a total of 60,000 will be used in our country for a record arrangement.

On March 12, 2022 at the entrance to Baneasa Shopping City, 3.250 scented garden roses will beautify fill a big 3 m heart.

#LOVENOTWAR is a manifesto for peace and hope, a positive message, a heart made with some of the most expensive flowers in the world from Kenya, from an organic farm.

Flowers have a strong emotional impact and speak an international language: that of love, friendship, gratitude, support and last but not least, hope.

Through this heart-shaped message made of natural flowers, we want to support and offer hope to all the countries and people who are currently seriously affected.

The #LOVENOTWAR campaign is from made the heart and has no commercial purpose. The capital of Romania - Bucharest joins 17 other countries that will display this powerful message of peace.

The floral hearts with the message #LOVENOTWAR can also be admired in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Prague, Lisbon, Budapest, Rome and Milan, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Warsaw, New York, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Each country selected a top florist to create this design. For Romania, Alina Neacsa from Flori cu Fitze was appointed, the florist of the Royal House of Romania who wanted to share her work and merits with other established florists from all over the country.

This volunteer project unites and brings closer to each other the most famous florists in Romania, known and appreciated by the whole community. Among the 11 florists involved in the project, who create palpable emotions through their work, are: Doina Taranu - Florembrie - Tulcea, Monica Simiciuc - Hashtag Floral - Focsani, Anca Vlad - Atelier Florist - Timisoara, Sorina Enculescu - Florist B Elegant - Slobozia, Daniel Nora - Purple Flowers - Bucharest, Mircea Neagu - El Flora - Bucharest, Georgiana Giurescu - Cherry Flowers - Bucharest, Veronica Udrea - Vera Flowers - Pitesti, Mihaela Alexandru - Allegria Flowers - Bucharest, Alexandra Dragomirou - Brave Events Bucharest, Mihaela Dragoi - Florist Adeline - Bacau.

With the support and help provided by our partners: Baneasa Shopping City, DACO Service, UMGE,, Tambuzi Garden Roses Kenya, Cristi Neacsa Photography and the entire floristic industry in Romania, we want to reach people's hearts with our floral message of peace.

In a world torn by pandemic and war, flowers are the purest symbol of life and hope and the floristic industry is and will always be with those in pain.

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